I have benefited hugely from the programme

I have benefited hugely from the programme

I initially attended the Physiofit clinic in December 2012, having begun to experience severe muscle and lower back problems, as a direct result of the walking exercise I had taken up following a previous heart procedure, I had undergone. I had reached a point where going for a walk of any duration, left my leg muscles so sore, that I had dropped doing my daily walk. Following initial assessment and a treatment from Deborah she suggested that I work with Jackie on a programme that combined massage and Pilates over a period of about 5 weeks. This involved Pilates, usually twice a week and a deep massage every fortnight. I had never done Pilates before, in my 63 years. It was only when I began it, that I realized that for years I had been walking in a manner that was causing the lower back and muscle cramping problem, that I had Over the period of 5 Weeks I discovered why I was causing the problems, and how I could remedy these by being conscious of how I was walking and correcting this. I discovered good body posture and in a way, I found out how to walk properly, all over again. There were time when this was hard work in the Pilates sessions with Jackie, but she was always conscious not to push too far and seemed to know just how much stretching and new exercise I could take. Some days I felt up to more, than other days. This was not a problem; Jackie instinctively seemed to know what my body could take on the day, and where necessary re adjusted the routine. All the way through the exercises, Jackie was an excellent communicator and motivator and listened and carefully watched my reaction to the exercises, constantly adjusting to take account of these reactions and comments. As a result, I now have a serious of personally tailored exercises that I can continue at home. Equally with the massage part of the programme there were times when it was hard work, when Jackie would find a point where it was really sore. Again though, she always listened, and seemed to know when to ease off, or how to come at the cause of the problem from a different angel, that was not as sore. At time she used stretching rather than deep massage on problem areas, and this was of great benefit. I have benefited hugely from the programme. I notice a great change in my general posture, how I walk and I have increased general all round flexibility. The combination of Pilates and deep massage over a period of weeks has been very beneficial to me, and I am now back walking nearly every day. I will continue to come back to Physiofit once a moth, for a maintenance session with Jackie. Many thanks, Jackie!
It was only when I began it, that I realized that for years I had been walking in a manner that was causing the lower back and muscle cramping problem

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