Physiotherapy for Children

Paediatric Physiotherapy for Children

Paediatric Physiotherapy for Children | Torticollis | Bronchiolitis | Development delay |Motor dysfunction | Postural Imbalance

What is Paediatric Physiotherapy for Children?

Many paediatric conditions are similar to those treated in general Physiotherapy practice. However, there are conditions which are related almost entirely to paediatrics. Some of these are recognised at birth such as congenital torticollis, while others like bronchiolitis or development delay, may become apparent later in the child's development .

What to expect from a Paediatric Physiotherapy for Children Session?

Deborah Fernandes MISCP is our Chartered Physiotherapist who will be assessing your child's condition and upon diagnosis develop an appropriate treatment plan. For Musculoskeletal conditions, treatment will consist on hands-on physiotherapy with Deborah in the clinic and if necessary a home exercises plan will be design and taught to you.

For Respiratory conditions a nebulisor may be used before applying respiratory techniques to alleviate the child's condition.

What Paediatrics Conditions can be treated?

  • Congenital Torticollis
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Development Delay
  • Motor Dysfunction
  • Postural Imbalance

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