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Paediatric First Aid Course

We all know that sometimes things can go wrong and unfortunately with little ones it can go from nothing to something quite fast. Knowing how to react to a situation can help. Such as, how do you do CPR on a baby, on a toddler? How far do you tilt the head? How do you manage a broken bone or a deep cut? Having a basic knowledge can take some of the blinding fear from a situation, help you be clear to those who are coming to help and provide a level of reassurance that you have some knowledge on how to keep a situation under a degree of control for a little while.

As a childminder, I have been in situations a few times that have been scary and they have gone from nothing to something very, very fast, but having some of the basics in the back of my mind has helped me to keep cool, relay the information that needs to be relayed and stay calm till help comes.

And while 3 hours is not as comprehensive as the two day Paediatric first aid course, it can provide a level of peace of mind. It can be hard to schedule time to go for 2 days especially with small ones at home and work and just life. The dates don’t suit, the time is wrong or there is just not enough time to get to everything.

The 3 hour evening Paediatric first Aid Course will cover topics such as:

• Fever & Sickness
•Breathing difficulties
•Allergic reaction
•Burns & Scalds
•Accidental Poisoning
•Cuts & Bleeding
•Broken Bones
•CPR for Infants & Children
•Plus additional requests from participants

We will also have the option to create a topic for discussion on the night, this will be open to those who are attending and we would do this by majority preference.
The course will be limited to 12 parents.

Course: 3 Hour Paediatric First Aid Course
Date & Time: Friday,  14th October from 6pm to 9pm
Cost: €50

Please contact me on (01) 2932969 to book your place now as we have limited places available.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Paediatric First Aid Course.