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From Corporate to Creative – How I changed my Life!

Six years ago, I first met Deborah when Body Elements (now Physiofit Woman) was just starting and I remember her energy, passion, confidence and enthusiasm, that was infectious. This might have been one reason I attended her Pregnancy Pilates classes- I found her so inspirational (and the classes were very helpful as well). Back then…
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Tips for Photographing your Newborn Baby

When your new baby arrives it is such a special time and goes by so quickly. They are only this tiny for such a short time and in just a few weeks it’ll be hard to believe they ever fitted into those tiny newborn onesies! While it’s always worth getting some professional photos here are a…
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Portray Your Love

I recently asked Deborah if she would be so kind to hang one of my paintings in her practice. Ever since I became an artist, I hoped to see one of my pieces on the wall of Physiofit Woman. Why there, you may ask? That’s the important question. The main reason is this – I…
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