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Yummy Pancakes

Pancake day is fast approaching, 17th February. Máirt Inide or Shrove Tuesday is always 47 days before Easter Sunday and it is traditionally a day Christians would confess all their sins before the beginning of Lent. Before fasting for the Lent season, lets indulge in yummy pancakes. After all, why change tradition? :) Mr. P…
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Monkfish Rice with Prawns and Chorizo

So easy and delicious if I do say so myself! Perfect for Sunday family lunch. Monkfish is such a tasty fish. Add some fresh prawns and some Iberico chorizo to the rice...simply divine! :) Serves 4 (or 5 if you eat little as me) 300g monkfish fillet 200g prawns 350g rice (I normally use basmati)…
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Chilli, Garlic Prawns – Portuguese Style

WATCH THE VIDEO! As promised, here's a simple appetizer for the Festive Season: chilli, garlic prawns. Those of you who have been to Portugal might be quite familiar with this dish. Early in the year I took my friend Therese (from Co. Mayo) to spend a weekend in Portugal. She tasted the chilli, garlic prawns and that…
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