Antenatal Partner Workshop

About Our Workshop

The main aim of our Birth Preparation Workshop is to educate, prepare, and give the necessary support and confidence to couples throughout the pregnancy period.

As a mum-to-be, whether this is your first or another baby (Congratulations!), you want to deliver your baby into this world in the safest, most gentle and comfortable way possible.

This workshop will also help your partner understand their role during your labour. The role of your birth partner is very important and if he feels confident and well-prepared, you will benefit greatly from his help!

For any mum-to-be, being emotionally supported by their life partner during their pregnancy period is invaluable.

What will you learn from attending our Workshop?

Our Pregnancy Couple Workshop will help you:

  • Understand the Anatomy and Physiology of birth,
  • Understand signs and different stages of labour,
  • Learn how to use Obstetric Tens machine for pain relief during labour,
  • Learn basic pregnancy massage techniques,
  • Learn the best labour postures and breathing techniques to help you cope with pain,
  • Understand your partner’s supportive role during the pregnancy,
  • Learn the right relaxation techniques to keep you calm and focused during labour,
  • Manage your expectations: birthing plan vs birthing outcome.

What do clients say about our Workshop?

Antenatal Partner Workshop

My husband and I attended Deborah’s antenatal couples workshop one Sunday morning for a few hours. We are expecting our first child and have attended a couple of other antenatal courses during my pregnancy. Of all the classes, Deborah’s was the most practical, straightforward and hands-on workshop that we attended. It was also less of a time commitment and more reasonably priced than other workshops we had attended/ had looked at attending. On the day, we worked through positions and tips for labour and pain management with Deborah. The class was a great opportunity for my husband to get to know how he could support and assist me during Labour, as well as gave him the opportunity to learn and practice the massage techniques Deborah showed us. This has given him more confidence in how to help me when the time arrives. As the class was limited to three couples, it was easy for everyone to get individual attention and instruction from Deborah as well as allowed us to voice our concerns and questions. Both my husband and I would recommend Deborah’s workshop to other couples who are interested in learning ways to have an active labour and especially for those who want to empower their partner to assist them during labour.

-- Christina and Philip, Dublin
Antenatal Partner Workshop
Of all the classes, Deborah’s was the most practical, straightforward and hands-on...

When is the next workshop?


Date: Sunday, 8th July
Time: 11.30am to 1.30pm
Total cost: €100.00 per couple
Location: Kylemore Studio (above Bright Lights)




Date: Saturday, 21th July
Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm
Total cost: €100.00 per couple
Location: Wexford Studio



What do you need to bring to our Workshop?

Make sure you and your partner wear comfortable outfit. There is no need to bring anything else. Our studios are fully equipped with the right exercise equipment that we are going to use during the workshop.

We provide tea/coffee and snacks.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our next Workshop!

Our Locations

Inchicore, Dublin

Wexford Town