Monthly Archives: October 2014

Shape up for Christmas

It is the 27th of October and I’m enjoying my Summer break in sunny Portugal. Yes, Summer break and yes it is 28 C in Setubal, Portugal. Thanks to Clare (who scheduled this time-off 3 months ago) I am able to enjoy a short but amazing break in Portugal. While I’m here I’ve been resting,…
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Reflexology and Cancer – Help Enable Your Body

It’s the diagnosis you have been dreading all along, it’s cancer. Your normal world has been thrown into chaos and with so many decisions to be made, your mind is in overdrive and you don’t know where to turn. Stop for a minute. The best way to deal with any illness is to get to…
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October – Breast Cancer awareness month

Can you believe the wonderful weather we are having this October? It is getting colder but the sun is still shining and bringing our mood up. As far the cold, as soon as you step into our clinic it is gone and you are welcomed by our friendly staff in a cosy and warm atmosphere. We’ve been…
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Due to our current waiting list, we are unable to accept any new Physiotherapy Patients until January 2020.

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