Monthly Archives: September 2014

Asian Inspired Pumpkin Soup

Let's celebrate Halloween with this earthy pumpkin soup. It was my first time trying and I got inspired after eating one in Nice during one of our Gourmet breaks. My version has an Asian twist and all I can say is try it! It's healthy and yummy, I promise! :) Serves 4 Ingredients: 3 tbs…
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Baby Reflux

Babies are prone to reflux as they have small stomachs and the lower oesophagus valve (which opens and closes to stop milk going back up from the stomach) may not yet have developed fully. All babies bring up small amounts of milk or vomit from time to time. If your baby does this sometimes, but…
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Pregnancy Massage – the must have therapy

Pregnancy Massage:  the must-have therapy! I was trying to remember how long ago I started to provide Pregnancy Massage as a Therapy within my practice as a Physiotherapist. Well, all I can say it’s been at least more than 12 years now and it keeps improving as I constantly update my own maternity training. I…
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