Working Women's Wellness

Bride-To-Be Package

2 Lipolaser, 2 Vacuum
2 Pressotherapy
2 Cardio Sessions
1 Well-Being Ritual

Mum-To-Be Package

Antenatal Pilates Course
1 Pregnancy Massage
1 Reflexology

New Mum Package

Postnatal Pilates Course
2 Pressotherapy
1 Postnatal Ritual
1 Reflexology

Welcome to our clinic!


ARE YOU looking for Pregnancy Physiotherapy for Pelvic Pain, Preparing for childbirth with Pregnancy Pilates or recovering from pregnancy with Postnatal Pilates taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist in Dublin?

DO YOU suffer from Lymphoedema as a result of a post-cancer surgery or have Urinary Incontinence due to weak pelvic floor?

ARE YOU getting married and want to slim down for your big day?

DID YOU have Facial or Body Plastic Surgery and need post operative care and rehabilitatiion to speed the recovery process?

Then PhysioFIt Woman in Dublin is the right Women Physiotherapy Clinic for you! Feel free to browse our website and discover how PhysioFit Woman can help you achieve better health and well-being! We are delighted to help!


Concept by Deborah Fernandes, MISCP
Deborah Fernands

Women’s Health Physiotherapy is an area in demand in Ireland and Deborah is proud to be a pioneer and a visionary in its approach. Deborah Fernandes is a Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist and the Clinical Director of PhysioFit Woman.

With 18 years of experience in Physiotherapy at International level and dedicated training in Physiotherapy in Women's Health, Deborah is the creator and provider of 100% hands-on innovating programmes in women's health, combining Physiotherapy and Pilates in Dublin.

We are a Women Physiotherapy clinic, covering all areas and stages of a Woman’s life, from adolescence to menopause, from sport injury to childbirth, Deborah combines all her experience, training and expertise in developing PhysioFit Woman - an innovative concept in Ireland in Women's Health Physiotherapy.

What Makes Us Unique

*18 years of Chartered Physiotherapy with International Qualifications

*100% hands-on approach with visible improvement after first session

*Highly qualified team with a wealth of experience and unique skills

*The latest scientifically methods, currently in use by international standards

*Leader and provider of unique and exclusive woman’s health programmes combining Physiotherapy and Pilates


I got instant relief after the first Physiotherapy session.

I was 20 weeks pregnant when I started to experience what I know now to be PGP. However back then I did not know what it was called. It was my first pregnancy, and I didn't know if this level of discomfort was part and...

I am now 1 and 1/2 inches taller from improving my posture

I suffered from intermittent lower back pain and weakness for many years and just accepted it as part of life after attending different types of practitioners and not getting anywhere.

I first attended Deborah following a fall last sumner w...

I attend physiotherapy and Pilates classes with Deborah and I am a changed woman as a result.

Sgt. Superglue!
I arrived in Physiofit Woman last February, bent, broken and wincing in pain. I attend physiotherapy and Pilates classes with Deborah and I am a changed woman as a result.

within minutes of the massage starting, I could feel the pressure in my face reduce, and the little pockets of air popping.

My dentist had wanted me to go under general anaesthetic to have my wisdom teeth out as she felt it was the “kinder” option, but I opted for two visits to the dentists’ chair instead in order to avoid previously experienced side-effects of g...


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